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Strathcona vs Snowden

Strathcona vs Snowden

Strathcona vs Snowden

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There's talk of another Bre-X style con/saga in the Canadian market as two consultants, Strathcona and Snowden, battle it out over sampling methodology. The two companies are working on Pretium's Valley of the Kings deposit, part of the Brucejack project, in BC, Canada, with the company having already paid a heavy price for the uncertainty over its resource at the project. Again, we wonder how the reputation of consultants can be tied to the accuracy of feasibility studies, and who polices the consultants?

In our latest event, Liv Carroll and Jan Lewis from Wardell International did a sterling job in discussing how a company goes from the exploration stage through to feasibility study stage, and how one might value that company. More info on the event can be found here.

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