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Low Sulphidation Epithermal Deposits

Low Sulphidation Epithermal Deposits

Low Sulphidation Epithermal Deposits

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Andrew Tunningley (left) and Chris Wilson from Exploration Alliance addressing the audience.Chris Wilson and Andrew Tunningley recently made time in their busy schedules to give AMA members a presentation on low-sulphidation epithermal deposits.

The talk covered the subject from grass roots exploration through to development. The gents gave good insights into what to look for as well as what to look out for when assessing epithermal deposits.

Perhaps key to understanding the deposits was assessing the current erosion surface's position in the epithermal system.

Members can download the slide deck of their presentation below.

More information is available on Exploration Alliance at

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The Low Sulphidation Epithermal Deposits presentation can be downloaded here: AMA LS Epithermal 2013.


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